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Son Of Saul poster

Son Of Saul

in Hungarian Movies

Son of Saul’s opening shot is fixed and blurry. A character walks into the frame, gets closer and becomes focused. From there, the camera will follow him with a long sequence shot. Laszlo Nemes’s first film establishes its marks right away, with rigorous direction, realism and pertinence. The Hungarian filmmaker used an almost documentary-like approach to tackle his difficult, traumatic […]

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El Movimiento movie poster

El Movimiento

in Argentinian Movies

Shot in black and white in an almost square format and clocking at just over an hour, El Movimiento is an experimental work offering a dark look at the unification of Argentina. Set in 19th century in the desolated pampa, Benjamín Naishtat’s movie opens with a cruel sequence where a handful of soldiers blow up some old man’s head with […]

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Land and Shade poster

Land and Shade

in Colombian Movies

With its rather bare setting mostly focusing on 4 family members gathered in a house surrounded by sugar cane plantations, Land and Shade could easily be just a play and shouldn’t be recommended to anybody suffering from claustrophobia.  The fact that, despite its assumed minimalism, César Augusto Acevedo’s movie has garnered quite a few movie awards – including Cannes’ Critics […]

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