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La Soledad movie poster

La Soledad

in Venezuelan Movies

The acclaimed debut from Venezuelan director Jorge Hielen Armand, La Soledad is a bare, allegoric work portraying a country in decay. Based on the filmmaker’s childhood, featuring family and friends playing themselves, the movie uses a dilapidated mansion as its central setting and, most importantly, main character. José (José Dolores López) is a young father taking care of his sick grandmother […]

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The Lure movie poster

The Lure

in Polish Movies

Somewhat based on The Little Mermaid, The Lure (Córki dancingu) is a daring, surprising work that manages to turn a children’s tale into an adult horror story while preserving its innocence. Set in Poland in the 80’s and featuring several new wave influenced music performances, The Lure centers on 2 mermaids, Gold and Silver, who find a new life as […]

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