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Family Life movie poster

Family Life

in Chilean Movies

Co-written by acclaimed Chilean novelist/poet Alejandro Zambra (Bonsái, The New Yorker) and marking the first directorial collaboration between Alicia Scherson (Turistas) and Cristián Jiménez (Bonsái) , Family Life (Vida de Familia) is a touching drama about a man trying to build a life in somebody else’s house. Leaving for France for a few months, Bruno (Cristian Carvajal) and Consuelo (Blanca […]

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The Woman Who Left movie poster

The Woman Who Left

in Filipino Movies

Following a middle-aged woman trying to find her place in the world after having wrongfully spent 30 years in a jail, The Woman Who Left isn’t a movie for everybody: Clocking at 3 hours and 46 minutes, this black and work with subtitles is composed of lengthy sequences designed to capture life realistically. Loosely based on a Tolstoy premise and […]

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