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Jesús movie poster


in Chilean Movies

Using a real crime as its premise – the beating of a gay teenager in Santiago, Chile – writer/director Fernando Guzzoni’s sophomore feature delivers a stark portrait of hapless Chilean youth. An aspiring boyband performer, Jesús (Nicolás Durán) seems to symbolize a doomed Chilean generation. Lacking drive and ambition, he spends most of his energy on partying, getting drunk, high, […]

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The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis movie poster

The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis

in Argentinian Movies

Set in 1977 Buenos Aires, at a time when Argentina was under military dictatorship, The Long Night of Francisco Santis portrays one man’s haunting night as he struggles with a moral decision. A somewhat naïve husband and father, Francisco (Diego Velázquez – Wild Tales) was living a pretty unassuming life until an old-flame showed up to supposedly ask him permission […]

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