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Tempestad documentary poster


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As I was watching Tatania Huezo’s documentary Tempestad, a short sequence particularly stroked me, summarizing this film in just a few seconds: It’s raining and some policemen dressed in ponchos are checking cars. Their faces are hidden under their hoodies which make them look like ghostly – almost reaper-like – figures symbolizing death and fear which are commonly associated with […]

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The Lure release on October 10th 2017

Top 3 New Blu Ray Releases This Week: October 10th 2017

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Here are our Top 3 new blu-ray releases for the week of October 10th and, this time, we have selected 3 movies with great soundtracks: First, we have the already cult Polish film, The Lure (Córki dancingu) which is loosely based on The Little Mermaid. This daring, surprising work manages to turn a children’s tale into an erotic adult horror […]

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