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Welcome to Plume Noire 2.0. Founded in 1998, Plume Noire is an international online magazine focusing on art house and foreign films. Based in Los Angeles, California – with a strong connection to Paris, France and other European cities – Plume Noire covers major worldwide films festivals, from the prestigious Cannes film festival to the LA film festival, AFI Fest and more.

The site built its reputation on thorough film analyses and offers a demanding vision of cinema that finds its richness in the blending of cultures and genres. What makes Plume Noire unique in the encumbered universe of Web sites is that it is a transcultural collective of writers. It is their cultural differences, their various artistic inclinations and their nuanced ideas that are the essence of Plume Noire. Having collaborated at one moment or another in the worlds of cinema, music, theater and magazines, they bring their expertise and share the same taste for words and reflection.

While Plume Noire is now fully dedicated to the movies, it also offers an important archive including hundreds of previous articles about music, travel and art – you can check the 1998 – 2011 Plume Noire archive here.

Plume Noire is available in both English and French.

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Fred Thom

Fred Thom

Editor-in-Chief/Founder/Film Critic at Plume Noire
The founder and editor-in-chief of Plume Noire, Fred Thom covers film festivals and writes movie reviews. He was born in Marseilles, France and is now living in Los Angeles, California.