AFI Fest Awards 2015: Winners and Recap

Here is the full list of AFI Fest 2015’s award winners as well as our recap.

AFI Fest 2015 Award Winners

Land and Shade film poster

Land and Shade poster

  • New Auteurs Grand Jury Award: Land and Shade
  • Special Jury Mention for Direction: Disorder
  • Special Jury Mention for Screenplay: Desde Alla
  • World Cinema Audience Award: Landfill Harmonic
  • New Auteurs Audience Award: Mustang
  • American Independents Audience Award: James White
  • Breakthrough Audience Award: Ma
  • Grand Jury Award for Live Action Short: Boys
  • Grand Jury Award for Animated Short: World of Tomorrow
  • Live Action Short Special Mention for Innovative Storytelling: Rate Me
  • Live Action Short Special Mention for Nonfiction Filmmaking: The Reagan Shorts
  • Animated Short Special Jury Mention for Screenwriting: Teeth
  • Animated Short Special Jury Mention for Creative Vision: Manoman

AFI Fest 2015 Recap

We were glad to see Land and Shade (read our Land and Shade review) among the winners, which wasn’t really surprising knowing it also won the Camera d’Or at the Cannes film festival this year. A festival’s favorite, Mustang, was also rewarded, the girls gladly accepting their award in the New Auteurs section (see picture below). I was however surprised to not to see Son of Saul (read our Son of Saul review here) or even Paradise (read our full review of Paradise here) getting a nod.

Mustang movie cast AFI Fest

Mustang red carpet – courtesy of AFI

Other than that, the festival had so many interesting movies and fun events that it would have been impossible to see everything. Rather, we focused on artsy foreign works, most particularly going after black and white films, which seem to be making a convincing comeback.

When it comes to red carpet action, which we didn’t really have time to cover, it should be noted that there was plenty of Hollywood glamour, most particularly during galas and conversations, with the presence of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Wil Smith, Johnny Depp (see picture below), Michael Caine, Charlotte Rampling, Juliettre Binoche, Ewan McGregor, Benicio Del Toro (see picture below), Antonio Banderas, Sylvester Stallone and much more without forgetting the outsider Michael Moore (see picture below) getting a warm welcome from his fans.

Johnny Depp at AFI FEST

Johnny Depp at AFI FEST – courtesy of AFI

Benicio Del Toro at AFI Fest

Benicio Del Toro at AFI Fest – courtesy of AFI

Michael Moore at AFI Fest

Michael Moore at AFI Fest – courtesy of AFI

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