Cannes Film Festival 2014 Day 6 Recap

*legende* David CronenbergTo be frank, this 6th day proved to be quite a bit tame, especially as we were still under the spell of David Cronenberg’s haunting Hollywood satire Map of the Stars seen the day before.

Talking about Tinseltown, the much talked about Foxcatcher was mostly worth watching for a series of strong performances starting with Steve Carell, almost unrecognizable as a megalomaniac billionaire turned wrestling coach. While Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum were also very convincing as two wrestlers/brothers, Bennett Miller’s film however failed to impress, except for maybe its final shot.

Steve CarellNaomi Kawase’s latest, Still the water, was also disappointing despite its sincerity. Centering on the last days of a mother dying surrounded by her family, this movie about love and death offered some moments of poetry but failed at being touching or charming. Maybe, this is one of these movies worth watching rested, a second time, as we are already starting to feel exhausted by the festival.

Photos : David Cronenberg @ Map to the stars press conference. Steve Carell @ Foxcatchers press conference. (c) Moland Fengkov

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Moland Fengkov

Moland Fengkov

Based in Paris, Moland is a journalist and photographer; He is more particularly responsible for covering the Cannes film festival for Plume Noire, writing movie reviews and taking gorgeous pictures.
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