Cannes 2014 Day 8: Mommy & Maïdan

Xavier Dolan Cannes film festival 2014</strong>Mommy is certainly one of the strongest entries at the fest this year starting with its cast: As a brave mother struggling with a hyperactive, violent son, Suzanne Clément delivers an award-worthy haunting performance while Anne Dorval also deserves some supporting role praise as a neighbor with speech issues; and, of course, Antoine-Olivier Pilon (the crazed teenage son) should be one of the most serious contenders for the lead acting award. As for the director, the young and highly talented Xavier Dolan, he clearly deserves the Best director award, his work here being both audacious and flawless. To summarize, so far, Mommy is the film that should take the prestigious Palme d’Or.

Another highlight was Sergueï Loznitsa’s documentary Maïdan shown out of competition. Known for his two previous Cannes entries, My Joy and Dans La Brume, the filmmaker actually started his career with  documentaries and is going back to his first love with this powerful work following historic protests in Kiev, Ukraine. 

Balancing with these two strong works, the festival also delivered its share of mediocre features starting with The Search, a movie about the Chechen war by Michel Hazanavicius whose venture into more serious themes (he’s known for fun comedies such as OSS 117 and The Artist) proved to be naive and cheesy. As for Adieu au langage, the much-anticipated new oeuvre from Jean-Luc Godard, it probably be a better fit for a modern art museum than for a film festival. This experimental work using various technologies and a 3D frame is at times cynical and at times amusing but lacks focus and structure, which makes it more a piece of contemporary art than a movie.

Photo : Xavier Dolan. (c) Moland Fengkov.

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Moland Fengkov

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