Cannes Film Festival 2016: Day 10

Cannes film festival 2016: Charlize Theron

Cannes film festival 2016: Day 10 with Charlize Theron (c) Moland Fengkov

Set in an African country that looks like Liberia, Sean Penn’s fifth directorial effort The Last Face uses a humanitarian background to make us experience a love story between two workers played by Charlize Theron (see picture) and Javier Bardem. Unfortunately, Mr. Penn’s latest is devoid of any emotion, whether he portrays his characters or depicts misery. The movie even features quite a few ridiculous moments – some being unintentionally funny – such as teeth brushing as a setting for courtship. There are also plenty of bad dialogues such as “It’s not living, it’s loving ” while everything is served through Hipstamatic-style photography with a pompous Hans Zimmer score. As you probably figured it by now, this is a bad movie which shouldn’t have been shown at the festival in the first place. Real-life couple Sean Penn and Charlize Theron were present at the press conference but journalists were banned from asking personal questions.  Unsurprisingly, The Last Face got unanimously panned and for those of us who didn’t get enough of indigestible humanitarian cinema, there was  also a screening of French philosopher Bernard Henri Levy’s Peshmerga, a documentary about the Kurds’’ fight against Daesh.

Fortunately, Asghar Farhadi saved the day with The Salesman, going back to Iran after a disappointing stop made in France with The Past. Supported by great performances, this is a subtle and well balanced movie about morality and appearances.

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Moland Fengkov

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