Cannes Film Festival 2016: Day 6

Cannes film festival 2016: Chris Pine

Cannes film festival 2016: Day 6 with Chris Pine (c) Moland Fengkov

The 10PM screenings for the Certain Regard competition at the Dubussy theatre are always a pleasant experience because cast and crew usually take the time to answer questions without rushing.

Following tonight’s presentation of David MacKenzie, Hell or High Water, a female spectator screamed “I love you”. Was it for stars Chris Pine (see picture) or Ben Foster? It doesn’t matter as this movie was a hit with the audience. This modern western follows two brothers who rob banks to buy back the family ranch and are chased by a couple of Texas Rangers. Filled with humor, this unassuming film is highly enjoyable, providing a rare moment of pure entertainment away from the official competition’s heavier selection.

After the Q&A, Chris Pine ran down the red carpet to disappear into a car while Ben Foster lingered for a moment, before heading to the port to join a boat party.

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Moland Fengkov

Moland Fengkov

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