Cannes Film Festival 2016: Day 7

Cannes film festival 2016: Kristen Stewart

Cannes film festival 2016: Day 7 with Kristen Stewart (c) Moland Fengkov

Before we cover today’s festival highlights, let’s get back to Jeff Nichols’s Loving and Jim Jarmush’s Paterson, two movies that go for moderation but, as a result, end up being inferior to previous works from their respective filmmakers. Loving is one of Nichol’s minor and less incisive works, focusing on a real-life interracial couple’s fight against the US government in the 60’s, in order to get their marriage approved.   As for Paterson, built around a series redundant sequences portraying a couple’s daily life, it doesn’t really go anywhere.

Today’s red carpet award went to Aquarius’ director Kleber Mendonça Filho and his cast, each holding a sign addressing Brazil’s current political troubles. The movie stars Sonia Braga as a woman living alone in a building that a real estate company wants to acquire. With her strong performance, Ms. Braga can certainly aspire to be in the running for an award nod but she will probably have to compete with Kirsten Stewart who carries Olivier Assayas’ Personal shopper on her shoulders. An artsy horror movie about spirits and death, Mr. Assayas’ film was met mixed reactions, featuring both strong and unconvincing sequences.

There was also Pedro Almodovar’s Julieta which follows 30 years of a woman’s life. Not as hysterical as his previous work, it probably won’t be the entry that will bring him Cannes glory, as it failed at moving us.

Last but not least, taking on police corruption in the Philipines, Brillante Mendoza’s Ma’Rosa impressed with its dazzling direction and naturalistic cinematography.

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