Cannes film festival 2016: Day 8

Cannes film festival 2016: Adèle Haenel

Cannes film festival 2016: Day 8 with Adèle Haenel (c) Moland Fengkov

What is left from our anticipations? While the selection looked promising, one week after the opening we can attest that the movies are quite good, but are far from being flawless. Some suffer from being too long – Ma Loute, American honey, Aquarius, Sieranevada – and others play it too safe – movies from Ken  Loach, Pedro Almodovar and the Dardenne brothers. This Cannes film festival edition is so far decent but lacks thrills and, with the fatigue increasing, we are becoming harsher with what we’re watching.  In that context, you won’t be surprised to know that the Dardenne Brothers’ The Unknown Girl got a lukewarm reception.  While Adèle Haenel certainly impresses in the award-worty lead role, as a doctor investigating a death, the direction isn’t convincing. Most answers to the film’s mysteries are revealed almost simultaneously – and magically – and the script is too overwritten, neutralizing the direction’s realistic aspirations.

Cannes film festival 2016: Vincent Cassel

Cannes film festival 2016: Day 8 with Vincent Cassel (c) Moland Fengkov

One of the most anticipated entries was Xavier Dolan’s It’s Only The End Of The World which press screening was a hot ticket. Despite its stellar French cast including Marion Cotillard, Léa Seydoux, Vincent Cassel (see picture on the right), Nathalie Baye and Gaspar Ulliel, this is unfortunately one of the biggest disappointments. With its pompous theater dialogues – this is an adaptation of a play – its video-clip like direction and its omnipresent hysteria, It’s Only The End Of The World feels awkward and too calculated. Even the actors are too self-conscious, Gaspar Ulliel being the only one getting it right, which might put him in the running for an award.

Another festival day and another letdown, as we still haven’t found any Palme d’Or contender so far.

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