The Canyons Blu Ray

the-canyons-posterDirected by Paul Shrader and written bt Brett Easton Ellis, The Canyons is out on Blu-Ray in its unrated director’s cut. While the film got panned by those critics who love big juicy blockbusters, it actually proved to be quite a fascinating, flawed work that cinephiles should embrace.

The film is presented in the usual 1080p format with 5.1 audio looking and sounding great. As for the extras, besides the fact that this is the director’s cut, you will find a couple short featurettes about the making-of as well as your typical trailer.

Own it, Watch it or Skip it?

As a fan of novelist Brett Easton Ellis and flawed cult films, I will certainly watch The Canyons again so this is certainly worth owning, at least for me. Cinephiles – those who enjoy foreign and art fares – should also enjoy it. As for those who believe  the Oscars mean something, they should probably pass as they probably won’t get it.

read our full review of the film below:

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Fred Thom

Fred Thom

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