Disappointing Cannes Awards

Ken Loach - 2016 Cannes Film Festival Winner

Ken Loach winner of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or award (c) Moland Fengkov

With a filmmaker such as Mad Max’s George Miller as the jury president, we could have expected some groundbreaking movie would go home with the much-coveted Palme d’Or. Rather it’s Ken Loach who got the top award with the good but predictable I, Daniel Blake. Mr. Loach wasn’t actually the only one playing it safe this year, other major filmmakers such as Pedro Almodovar and the Dardenne brothers failing to wow us.

On the other hand, more daring works such as Sierranevada, Ma Loute, American Honey, Personal Shopper, Ma’ Rosa, Baccalauréat, Elle or even The Neon Demon left, for the most part, empty-handed while their audaciousness should have deserved more accolades.

The only satisfying choices, at least on our end, were the well-deserved directing nods which went to both Olivier Assayas for Personal Shopper and Cristian Mungui for Graduation as well as the Jury Prize awarded to Andrea Arnold for American Honey.

In the end, this year’s Cannes film festival will mostly be remembered for its good but unexciting selection and disappointing awards. Let’s hope stronger entries will grace the screen of the 70th Cannes film festival, next year.

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Moland Fengkov

Moland Fengkov

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