Frank Blu-Ray

The highly enjoyable Frank is out on Blu-Ray, DVD and streaming formats. Starring Michael Fassbender – frank-posterwearing an over-sized fake papier-mâché head – and Maggie Gyllenhaal, this little-seen British movie gently pokes fun at the indie/hipster music scene.

Focusing on an artsy band whose leader is a tortured soul hiding behind a mask, the film explores their struggle to keep their artistry while looking with success. Frank is certainly not for everybody but fans of indie music, musicians and cinephiles should enjoy it, especially as this modest absurd work features quite a few amusing scenes.

This Blu-Ray edition comes with your standard 1080p resolution and DTS-HD 5.1 audio.

As for special features, they include deleted scenes, several featurettes (Behind the sounds, Behind the mask, Meet the band, What is the name of the band, AXS TV: A look at Frank) as well as an audio commentary with director Lenny Abrahamsom, actor Domhnall Gleeson and music composer Stephen Rennicks

Own It, Watch It or Skip It?

If you are familiar with Radiohead, Arcade Fire, South and Southwest, this movie is certainly for you while others might want to watch it for Michael Fassbender’s performance. As to owning it, it’s up to you but, what I can tell you, is that it’s a movie you can watch several times.

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