Gimme Danger

Gimme Danger poster

Gimme Danger movie poster

Knowing how cool his movie soundtracks are, it’s not really surprising to see Jim Jarmush (Dawn by Law, Broken Flowers) devoting a documentary to one of the most iconic rock bands, The Stooges (see pictures of Iggy and the Stooges here).  Intertwining archive footage with a long interview with singer Iggy Pop – who also starred in Mr. Jarmush’s  most memorable Coffee and Cigarettes short – Gimme Danger brings us back to a furious 60’s era which served as a foundation for punk and alternative rock.

Mr. Jarmush met Iggy Pop in Detroit after wrapping his already cult vampire flick Only Lovers Left Alive, which was also shot in Motor City. The interview was set in two locations, Iggy Pop’s childhood trailer and a Gothic mansion, where the singer tackled pretty much everything from his poor upbringing to his wild years, politics as well as his relationship with fans and his own body – he made a career performing in the buff.

Cannes film festival 2016: Iggy Pop

Cannes film festival 2016: Day 9 with Adèle Haenel (c) Moland Fengkov

The documentary features plenty of great footage and – often amusing – anecdotes, without digging too deep into darker moments such as drug abuse. And when footage isn’t available, the filmmaker uses sequences from cartoons, B-movies and TV shows to fill in. Charismatic, critical and intelligent, James Osterberg (Pop’s real name) complements these images, effortlessly seducing his audience.

While you can’t help enjoying all the stories narrated peacefully by Mr. Pop, one might regret that Mr. Jarmush chose to deliver a formatted American-style documentary:  a more daring approach would have been a better reflection of the subject here.  One will also notice similarities with Mr. Jarmush’s latest feature film, Paterson which also premiered at the 2016 Cannes film festival. Both works cover creativity and star crazed, poetic characters. At the Cannes press conference, a journalist dared Mr. Pop to walk the red carpet topless, a bet he took on, showing up shirtless under his jacket at the premiere.

Director: Jim Jarmusch – Actors: Iggy Pop, The Stooges – Running Time: 1:48 – Year: 2015 – Country: USA
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