LA Film Festival 2014 Tuesday Recap

Recommended by Enrique

Today was filled with highs and lows. I didn’t know what to expect of Jimi: All is by my side (read our review), a biopic about Jimi Hendrix starring Outkast’s Andre Benjamin in the title role. The film was successful at capturing the 60’s spirit, with a detachment at times reminiscent of French New Wave films. The film focuses on the musician’s rise t stardom, stopping right before he turned into a worldwide phenomenon, and offering some fun moments. Mr. Benjamin played Hendrix like a wild animal living in his own world and, without being an expert about everything Hendrix, it seemed a good representation of what I’ve seen in some footage.

As for Recommend by Enrique, I won’t waste much time talking about it here and will save “the best” for my review but it was the screening where I saw the most people walking out … and it was justified. An empty, pretentious work, which could be described in just 3 capital letters, WTF, this self-indulgent piece wasn’t either making any sense or had anything to say or show. The filmmakers and the main actress (who was the only redeemable element here) were present for a Q&A afterwards.

The directing debut from Hossein Amini (better known for penning the script for Drive), TheTwo Faces of January (our review) is an adaptation of a Patricia Highsmith novel and, as you might expect (she wrote The Talented Mr. Ripley), it filled with glamour, exoticism and suspense. Starring Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac, it has solid acting, great scenery and it delivers the goods but the film is somewhat superficial and too formal. The filmmaker was present for a Q&A following the screening but this gala lacked star power on the red carpet as none of the actors were present.

As a side note, this unexpectedly turned out to be my last day at the festival this year, despite having planned to attend it until Thursday as, coming back from the Gala, my car got damaged by semi-truck driven by a reckless coward.

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Fred Thom

Fred Thom

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The founder and editor-in-chief of Plume Noire, Fred Thom covers film festivals and writes movie reviews. He was born in Marseilles, France and is now living in Los Angeles, California.