Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road movie poster

Mad Max Fury Road poster

Fury, dust and blood: here are 3 pillars of Mad Max: Fury Road, a film which gained cult status before its release, supported by an advertising campaign that has been building anticipation for months. Is it the post-apocalyptic masterwork we’ve been waiting for or another inflated blockbuster? The answer comes immediately, as soon as the movie opens, through a gorgeous, surreal cinematography flirting with comic book imagery. Starting with a nervous, relentless action sequence that lasts 30mn, George Miller’s new Max Max entry clearly takes no prisoners.

And when we finally get the chance to breathe, once a cataclysmic sandstorm has passed, the simple plot reveals itself, centering on Furiosa (Charlize Theron), a female warrior who betrayed her tribe by releasing their degenerated leader’s harem. A 90mn chase will follow, the group of girls finding on the way Max – a taciturn and savage Tom hardy – who will come to the rescue.

Mad Max: Fury Road is neither a sequel, nor a reboot. It’s rather a reinvention, turning The Road Warrior’s most emblematic sequence – the final chase – into a full-length film.  This time around, Mr. Miller aimed at creating something truly epic, using modern special effects – it’s been 34 years since the Road Warrior – in an old-fashioned way while minimizing the use of green screen and digital tricks. The result is spectacular, way above all those interchangeable, overstuffed, childish blockbusters which have been invading our screens every summer – superheroes and Transformers, anybody?

With Fury Road, Mr. Miller feeds on his own creation to give birth to a new work that stands on its own. Filled with fresh ideas, his signature post-apocalyptic world grows even further, enriched by new costumes, vehicles and weapons including explosive spears, circular saws and a heavy metal guitarist perched on a truck. And it’s no coincidence as this film was designed as a rock’n’roll trip on acid. As for the characters, they are fearless, nihilist figures doped by gasoline.

While you could argue that Fury Road is a feminist, pro-environment work, with redemption as its core theme, the truth is that it doesn’t even matter as, most importantly, this is a singular, exciting film that appeals to our most primal instincts, taking us on an exhilarating road trip.

Following the disappointing kid-friendly Beyond Thunderdome, Mad Max: Fury Road is designed as a bridge between the previous trilogy and the new one (Tom Hardy has already signed for the sequels). While Max is obviously the title character, he is upstaged by Charlize Theron as a fierce, determined woman – and the sequence where they meet is both brutal and beautiful.

With its saturated cinematography, relentless pulse, minimalist story and extravagant characters, Fury Road might not be considered a masterpiece in a classic sense: It is rather the work of a crazed genius.

Director: George Miller – Actors: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron – Running Time: 2:00 – Year: 2015 – Country: Australia
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