New Blu Ray Releases This Week: August 11th 2015

Blu-Ray release August 11th

The Knick Blu-Ray

This week, our weekly Blu-Ray feature will be pretty short, the list of titles being released being so short and poor.

Besides re-releases of Michael Mann’s haunting thriller Heat and Curtis Hanson’s neo film noir LA Confidential, there isn’t any other movie worth mentioning here. Rather, we will, exceptionally, mention two TV series, starting with the 4th season of the solid western show Hell on Wheels.

This Week’s Pick

Most importantly,  our pick goes to Steven Soderbergh’s The Knick which elevates TV to movie quality levels. Set in the early 1900s, the show focuses on a brilliant but drug addicted New York doctor played by Clive Owen. Applying a modern feel – sharp editing and an electronic soundtrack – to his period piece, Mr. Soderbergh (Traffic) is able to create a suffocating atmosphere supported by great cinematography and fine acting.

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Fred Thom

Fred Thom

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