New Blu Ray Releases This Week: September 8th 2015

Dressed to Kill Blu Ray release

Dressed to Kill Blu Ray

Another pretty poor week when it comes to Blu-Ray releases. Besides our pick, the main release that caught our attention is Takeshi Kitano’s Zatoichi (read my old Zatoichi review here), my favorite Japanese filmmaker taking on the blind swordsman’s myth and delivering a colorful, bloody, comic-style version of the old Japanese series. Another movie worth the watch is the Coen Brothers’ The Man Who Wasn’t There, a black and white film noir starring Billy Bob Thornton which, incidentally, was shot by my old campus in Orange, CA. In another genre, the studios seem to already be prepping things up for Halloween with releases of classics such as Friday the 13th and Child’s Play.


Our pick this week goes to Brian De Palma’s erotic thriller Dressed to Kill – courtesy of the Criterion Collection – which stars Michael Caine and Angie Dickinson. Featuring a mysterious woman, a murder, a prostitute and a sleazy, hypnotic atmosphere, this movie – along De Palma’s Body Double – is probably responsible for the wave of erotic thrillers that mark the 80’s and one of the best of the genre.

Dressed to Kill (Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]

A psychiatrist, a prostitute and the son of a slain woman seek a Manhattan slasher.
New From: $21.40 USD In Stock

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