Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent movie poster

Saint Laurent poster

When Saint Laurent screened at the Cannes film festival last year, some critics and journalists rushed to praise Bertrand Bonello’s film, claiming it was a masterpiece. They were probably the same ones who had also applauded his previous work, House of Tolerance, before realizing later that they had missed the mark.

The same thing is most likely happening with this biopic which focuses on the famous French fashion designer’s most glorious years. Another issue might be that the film features Louis Garrel, an actor who made a mission to deliver uniform performances, mostly playing a nonchalant, precious, dandy-like variation of himself in all his movies; and this is even more disconcerting as Gaspard Ulliel is particularly convincing – if not brilliant – in the title role.

Saint Laurent is worth watching for a few reasons starting with its cast, most of the actors giving themselves fully to their role, even if they don’t all have much screen time. The film is also supported by a great cinematography thanks to Josée Deshaies who had also brought her talent to House of Tolerance.

Saint Laurent is probably at its strongest when brushing a colorful portrait of Paris’ decadent scene in the 70’s. Filmed bluntly, this period of the designer’s life is the most appealing part of this biopic, enriched by beautiful people, flood of colors and trendy music.

These sequences aren’t unfortunately not enough to save Saint Laurent from losing itself into a disparate patchwork of hollow images which create an indigestible puzzle. The filmmaker’s prominent use of flashbacks also seems to be a trick aiming at hiding the futility of his work and, after a while, one gets tired of Mr. Bonello’s gimmicks.

Director: Bertrand Bonello – Actors: Gaspard Ulliel, Léa Seydoux – Running Time: 2:30 – Year: 2014 – Country: France
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