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Tempestad documentary poster


in Mexican Documentaries

As I was watching Tatania Huezo’s documentary Tempestad, a short sequence particularly stroked me, summarizing this film in just a few seconds: It’s raining and some policemen dressed in ponchos are checking cars. Their faces are hidden under their hoodies which make them look like ghostly – almost reaper-like – figures symbolizing death and fear which are commonly associated with […]

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Jesús movie poster


in Chilean Movies

Using a real crime as its premise – the beating of a gay teenager in Santiago, Chile – writer/director Fernando Guzzoni’s sophomore feature delivers a stark portrait of hapless Chilean youth. An aspiring boyband performer, Jesús (Nicolás Durán) seems to symbolize a doomed Chilean generation. Lacking drive and ambition, he spends most of his energy on partying, getting drunk, high, […]

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The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis movie poster

The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis

in Argentinian Movies

Set in 1977 Buenos Aires, at a time when Argentina was under military dictatorship, The Long Night of Francisco Santis portrays one man’s haunting night as he struggles with a moral decision. A somewhat naïve husband and father, Francisco (Diego Velázquez – Wild Tales) was living a pretty unassuming life until an old-flame showed up to supposedly ask him permission […]

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The Untamed movie poster (La región salvaje)

The Untamed

in Mexican Movies

For his 4th feature, acclaimed Mexican director Amat Escalante (Heli, Los Bastardos) delivers his most daring film to date, creating a complex but flawed work blending Mexican and European arthouse influences. Set in Guanajuato, Mexico, The Untamed (La Region Salvage) focuses on 3 characters, Alejandra (Ruth Ramos), her husband Angel  (Jesus Meza) , her brother Fabian (Eden Villavicencio), as well […]

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Kékszakállú movie poster


in Argentinian Movies

A portrait of bored and wealthy teenage Buenos Aires girls, Argentine filmmaker Gaston Solnicki’s first feature is mostly a documentary in disguise. Somewhat based on Bela Bartok’s opera Kékszakállú (Bluebeard’s Castle) – from what I know of that story, this seems quite far-fetched though – the film follows a group of sisters and friends who don’t seem to know what […]

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The Woman Who Left movie poster

The Woman Who Left

in Filipino Movies

Following a middle-aged woman trying to find her place in the world after having wrongfully spent 30 years in a jail, The Woman Who Left isn’t a movie for everybody: Clocking at 3 hours and 46 minutes, this black and work with subtitles is composed of lengthy sequences designed to capture life realistically. Loosely based on a Tolstoy premise and […]

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La Soledad movie poster

La Soledad

in Venezuelan Movies

The acclaimed debut from Venezuelan director Jorge Hielen Armand, La Soledad is a bare, allegoric work portraying a country in decay. Based on the filmmaker’s childhood, featuring family and friends playing themselves, the movie uses a dilapidated mansion as its central setting and, most importantly, main character. José (José Dolores López) is a young father taking care of his sick grandmother […]

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The Lure movie poster

The Lure

in Polish Movies

Somewhat based on The Little Mermaid, The Lure (Córki dancingu) is a daring, surprising work that manages to turn a children’s tale into an adult horror story while preserving its innocence. Set in Poland in the 80’s and featuring several new wave influenced music performances, The Lure centers on 2 mermaids, Gold and Silver, who find a new life as […]

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The Modern Jungle movie poster

The Modern Jungle

in Mexican Documentaries

Quite a few ethnographic films have been emerging from Latin America these last few years, most of them introducing little-known cultures, languages and rituals to audiences around the world. While ethnographic works are by definition documentaries, it’s undoubtedly their fictionalized variations that have been getting the most attention – I’m more particularly referring to the recent Ixcanul, Embrace of the […]

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Videophilia (and Other Viral Syndromes) movie poster

Videophilia (and Other Viral Syndromes)

in Peruvian Movies

Whatever idea you might have of Peru, Videofilia (and Other Viral Syndromes) will probably come as a surprise, this experimental film taking us on an unexpected trip, whether it’s in terms of narrative or visuals. Set in the capital, Lima, the film follows Luz (Muki Sabogal) a teenage girl looking for new experiences who falls under the spell of a twisted […]

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The Net

The Net

in Korean Movies

For his latest feature, prolific Korean writer/director Kim Ki-duk uses a familiar premise – the border between South and North Korea as seen in his 2002 film The Coast Guard  – to underline the absurdity of a country divided in two antagonized but so similar halves. The Net follows a North Korean fisherman’s harrowing journey as he struggles to survive and […]

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Despite the Night movie poster

Despite the Night

in French Movies

A sordid, obsessive romance set in the Parisian porn industry, Despite the Night (Malgré La Nuit) aspires to be a provocative French arthouse film with existential ambitions. Directed by Philippe Grandrieux (Un Lac), an experimental artist and filmmaker, this movie uses a pretty simple premise – a young man looking for his missing call-girl/prostitute girlfriend – to take us on an increasingly […]

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A Dragon Arrives! movie poster

A Dragon Arrives!

in Iranian Movies

Mixing a fantastic tale with a fake documentary and political commentary, A Dragon Arrives! is an intricate work coming from Iran. Written and directed by Mani Haghighi (Modest Reception), the film centers on a mysterious haunted cemetery where earthquakes occur whenever somebody gets buried. The film opens with detective Babak Hafizi (Amir Jadidi) being interrogated following the assassination of the […]

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