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Crosscurrent movie poster

Crosscurrent review

in Chinese Movies

As I was watching Crosscurrent, slowly but surely getting sucked into its hypnotic, languid universe, one of the first things that crossed my mind was that Yang Chao’s film wouldn’t be fully alive if it wasn’t so deliberately slow and long (almost 2 hours), this storytelling and visual style symbolizing the  story – a journey on the Yangtze river. (As […]

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Everything Else movie poster

Everything Else

in Mexican Movies

For her debut feature, Mexican writer/director Natalia Almada follows the daily routine of Doña Flor (Academy Award Nominee  Adriana Barraza – Babel, Amores Perros), a  bitter and lonely woman working at a government office in Mexico City. Everything Else  (Todo Lo Demás) is built on a succession of repetitive, mechanical sequences aiming at making us experience her loneliness and tedious […]

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Ixcanul movie poster


in Guatemalan Movies

With the most iconic European and American filmmakers failing to breathe new life into their body of work, as the latest major film festivals can attest, a new wave of Latin American directors has been slowly but surely making its mark thanks to impressive rough, naturalist works. There are arguably a couple things setting those filmmakers apart from their European […]

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Lupe Under the Sun movie poster

Lupe Under the Sun

in Mexican Movies

Paying homage to his grandfather as well as migrant workers, Rodrigo Reyes’ Lupe Under The Sun follows an old Mexican peach picker who, after finding out he’s sick, decides to go back to Mexico to see his estranged family. The movie has a raw, meditative and documentary-like feel, which won’t surprise those who saw Mr. Reyes previous work, the intriguing Purgatorio, […]

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The Measure of a Man poster

The Measure of a Man

in French Movies

Everything is pretty ordinary in The Measure of a Man. As the title implies, the film follows one simple man through his ordinary life as he struggles to get a job. The film’s direction and script are however far from being simplistic, creating an experience that will haunt you for a while. As soon as the movie opens, you get […]

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Dheepan movie poster


in French Movies

Rather than playing it safe, award-winning French filmmaker Jacques Audiard (A Prophet, Rush and Bone) always tries to push the boundaries of cinema, whether it’s in terms of content or format. With his latest movie, Dheepan, he attempts to create a realistic work, this time taking on topical themes, immigration and violence in the projects. While he doesn’t pretend to […]

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Louder Than Bombs movie poster

Louder Than Bombs

in Norwegian Movies

After gaining attention on the international film festival circuit with two Norwegian-language works, Reprise (2006) and Oslo, August 31st (2011), Scandinavian filmmaker Joachin Trier is now ready to take over the world with Louder than Bombs, his first English-language effort which is supported by a solid cast including Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects), Isabelle Huppert (Valley Of Love) and Jesse […]

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Valley Of Love movie poster

Valley Of Love

in French Movies

Valley of Love is kind of a concept work, reuniting powerhouse French film couple Isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu, 35 years after Maurice Pialat’s iconic Loulou. The rendez-vous is this time set in California’s Death Valley, following their son’s death and this is mostly a pretext to allow them to visit the ghosts of their past and make us witness […]

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The Sea of Trees movie poster

The Sea of Trees

in American Movies

With the release of his latest movie, American filmmaker Gus Van Sant’s glory days – more particularly radical, unapologetic works such as Elephant, Gerry and Last Days – seem to suddenly be distant memories: taking us for a walk in the forest where he loses both himself and his audience, it almost looks like the trees were casting a shadow […]

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Aferim! movie poster


in Romanian Movies

With its black and white cinematography and its simple premise – a constable and his son are looking for a runaway gipsy slave -, Aferim! feels like a transposition of a vintage western set in 19th century Romania.  Throughout most of the movie, we follow the two protagonists’ straightforward adventure:  We see them riding horses through hills and forests, stop […]

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In the Shadow of Women movie poster

In the Shadow of Women

in French Movies

Known for a body of work influenced by the French New Wave film movement, French director Philippe Garrel continues his exploration of relationships making both universes cross in his latest entry. Stanislas Merhar (The Art of Love) plays Pierre, a struggling documentary filmmaker whose movie and relationship seem to be works in progress. Like it is the case with lots […]

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Paradise movie poster


in Iranian Movies

Following the striking and already cult vampire western A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, here comes another promising debut featuring a young Iranian woman as its center character. Shot guerilla-style in Tehran, Paradise follows Hanieh (Dorna Dibaj), a 25-year old schoolteacher who tries to be transferred to a school closer to her home.  Whether she deals with frustrating bureaucracy, […]

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Son Of Saul poster

Son Of Saul

in Hungarian Movies

Son of Saul’s opening shot is fixed and blurry. A character walks into the frame, gets closer and becomes focused. From there, the camera will follow him with a long sequence shot. Laszlo Nemes’s first film establishes its marks right away, with rigorous direction, realism and pertinence. The Hungarian filmmaker used an almost documentary-like approach to tackle his difficult, traumatic […]

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