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The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis movie poster

The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis

in Argentinian Movies

Set in 1977 Buenos Aires, at a time when Argentina was under military dictatorship, The Long Night of Francisco Santis portrays one man’s haunting night as he struggles with a moral decision. A somewhat naïve husband and father, Francisco (Diego Velázquez – Wild Tales) was living a pretty unassuming life until an old-flame showed up to supposedly ask him permission […]

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The Untamed movie poster (La región salvaje)

The Untamed

in Mexican Movies

For his 4th feature, acclaimed Mexican director Amat Escalante (Heli, Los Bastardos) delivers his most daring film to date, creating a complex but flawed work blending Mexican and European arthouse influences. Set in Guanajuato, Mexico, The Untamed (La Region Salvage) focuses on 3 characters, Alejandra (Ruth Ramos), her husband Angel  (Jesus Meza) , her brother Fabian (Eden Villavicencio), as well […]

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Kékszakállú movie poster


in Argentinian Movies

A portrait of bored and wealthy teenage Buenos Aires girls, Argentine filmmaker Gaston Solnicki’s first feature is mostly a documentary in disguise. Somewhat based on Bela Bartok’s opera Kékszakállú (Bluebeard’s Castle) – from what I know of that story, this seems quite far-fetched though – the film follows a group of sisters and friends who don’t seem to know what […]

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Family Life movie poster

Family Life

in Chilean Movies

Co-written by acclaimed Chilean novelist/poet Alejandro Zambra (Bonsái, The New Yorker) and marking the first directorial collaboration between Alicia Scherson (Turistas) and Cristián Jiménez (Bonsái) , Family Life (Vida de Familia) is a touching drama about a man trying to build a life in somebody else’s house. Leaving for France for a few months, Bruno (Cristian Carvajal) and Consuelo (Blanca […]

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La Soledad movie poster

La Soledad

in Venezuelan Movies

The acclaimed debut from Venezuelan director Jorge Hielen Armand, La Soledad is a bare, allegoric work portraying a country in decay. Based on the filmmaker’s childhood, featuring family and friends playing themselves, the movie uses a dilapidated mansion as its central setting and, most importantly, main character. José (José Dolores López) is a young father taking care of his sick grandmother […]

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The Modern Jungle movie poster

The Modern Jungle

in Mexican Documentaries

Quite a few ethnographic films have been emerging from Latin America these last few years, most of them introducing little-known cultures, languages and rituals to audiences around the world. While ethnographic works are by definition documentaries, it’s undoubtedly their fictionalized variations that have been getting the most attention – I’m more particularly referring to the recent Ixcanul, Embrace of the […]

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Videophilia (and Other Viral Syndromes) movie poster

Videophilia (and Other Viral Syndromes)

in Peruvian Movies

Whatever idea you might have of Peru, Videofilia (and Other Viral Syndromes) will probably come as a surprise, this experimental film taking us on an unexpected trip, whether it’s in terms of narrative or visuals. Set in the capital, Lima, the film follows Luz (Muki Sabogal) a teenage girl looking for new experiences who falls under the spell of a twisted […]

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Everything Else movie poster

Everything Else

in Mexican Movies

For her debut feature, Mexican writer/director Natalia Almada follows the daily routine of Doña Flor (Academy Award Nominee  Adriana Barraza – Babel, Amores Perros), a  bitter and lonely woman working at a government office in Mexico City. Everything Else  (Todo Lo Demás) is built on a succession of repetitive, mechanical sequences aiming at making us experience her loneliness and tedious […]

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Ixcanul movie poster


in Guatemalan Movies

With the most iconic European and American filmmakers failing to breathe new life into their body of work, as the latest major film festivals can attest, a new wave of Latin American directors has been slowly but surely making its mark thanks to impressive rough, naturalist works. There are arguably a couple things setting those filmmakers apart from their European […]

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Lupe Under the Sun movie poster

Lupe Under the Sun

in Mexican Movies

Paying homage to his grandfather as well as migrant workers, Rodrigo Reyes’ Lupe Under The Sun follows an old Mexican peach picker who, after finding out he’s sick, decides to go back to Mexico to see his estranged family. The movie has a raw, meditative and documentary-like feel, which won’t surprise those who saw Mr. Reyes previous work, the intriguing Purgatorio, […]

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Land and Shade poster

Land and Shade

in Colombian Movies

With its rather bare setting mostly focusing on 4 family members gathered in a house surrounded by sugar cane plantations, Land and Shade could easily be just a play and shouldn’t be recommended to anybody suffering from claustrophobia.  The fact that, despite its assumed minimalism, César Augusto Acevedo’s movie has garnered quite a few movie awards – including Cannes’ Critics […]

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Olvidados poster


in Bolivian Movies

Arriving on our screens after having enjoyed quite a glorious run in South America, this big budget Bolivian/Mexican production sheds light on a dark era known as Operation Condor where Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay joined force to eradicate communism, imprisoning, torturing and executing militants, thinkers and innocents alike. Alternating between present time and flashbacks, Olvidados (Forgotten) uses a Bolivian […]

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The Golden Dream poster (La jaula de oro)

The Golden Dream

in Mexican Movies

While there have been quite a few films about the long and perilous expedition that migrating illegally to the US is, The Golden Dream (La Jaula de Oro) certainly hits our screens at the right time, the current migrating situation in Europe – mostly Iraqis, Syrians, Africans fleeing their respective countries for Germany, France, Spain and the UK. – making […]

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