The Bling Ring Blu-Ray

The Bling Ring posterSofia Coppola’s latest movie is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming. Based on a true story it follows a group of LA teenagers as they broke into the houses of celebs to steal designer clothes and accessories.

The film looks great, presented with an AVC encoded 1080p transfer and sharp contrasts while the 5.1 audio supports the ensemble with a bass-heavy hip hop/club fueled soundtrack.

As for the extras, besides the usual trailer there are 3 featurettes:

  • a standard the behind-the-scenes “Making The Bling Ring”, which features your typical cast and crew interviews.
  • “Behind the Real Bling Ring” is probably the most interesting segment here, presenting you the real characters and story which are as unbelievable as the movie.
  • Finally, there is an amusing segment with Paris Hilton who was one of the victims of the ring. She makes us visit her house, which is also used as a real location in the film and, to be frank, this is worth the tour!

Own it, Watch it or Skip it?

Contrary to other critics – including some here – I did enjoy this film, its superficiality reflecting the obsession for the celebrity lifestyle and the influence of social media. I would definitely recommend watching it, even if it’s not as strong as Coppola’s first 3 features.

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Fred Thom

Fred Thom

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