Worst Movies of 2015

A fun but somewhat painful exercise, here is our list of the worst movies of 2015. Please note that this list is non-exhaustive, being based solely on the movies we got the “chance” to watch … there are of course plenty of other atrocities out there if you have the stomach it – for more bad movies, visit our Razzie section and check out this year’s Razzie nominees and winners


Fifteen Shades of Grey posterA throwback to Zalman King-style 80’s sleaze – think Nine 1/2 Weeks, Wild Orchid and Red Shoes Diaries – Fifteen Shades of Grey is filled with cliches and bad acting. With its lousy photography and stiff performances that make it look like a cheap San Fernando Valley feature, Sam Taylor-Johnson’s movie delivers unintentional laughs, boredom but not much excitement. Unfortunately, thousands of unhappy housewives seem to disagree with me as its box office success means sequels are on the way.


jupiter ascending posterSince reaching creative peak with the visionary Matrix, the Wachowskis seem to lose momentum slowly but surely, movie after movie, their latest film being by far their all-time low. Based on a cheesy Disney-like script – our main character (Mila Kunis) cleans toilets as a living without knowing she’s royalty in another galaxy – Jupiter Ascending also features lousy action sequences, bad hair cuts – a peroxided Channing Tatum – and more importantly wooden acting – yes, I’m talking about “Academy Award winner” Eddie Redmayne as the baddie. Boring and awful, there is nothing redeeming this picture, which is particularly desolating knowing that the Wachowskis and big $ were involved.


Pixels posterWhile Adam Sandler has built a career on bad movies, with a few exceptions such as Punch Drunk Love, Pixels at least had a good premise, especially if you grew up in the 80’s like me. I’m not sure who got the idea to cast Sandler’s partner in crime Kevin James as the US president but it was ridiculous enough to ruin the premise. The film has some neat special effects and a couple entertaining action sequences but this isn’t enough to counterbalance the absence of laughs and omnipresent condescending nonsense which takes its spectators for blatant idiots.


Survivor PosterI know, I know, you probably haven’t heard of that one and probably nobody saw it either but it’s certainly worth mentioning thanks to its glorious B-movie cast which includes Milla Jovovich, Pierce Brosnan, Robert Forster and Dylan McDermott. The worst thing about Survivor is its script which makes it look like an episode of The Black List that would have been written by Beavis and Butthead. From the best hit man in the world (Brosnan) blowing up buildings just to kill one person to paper-pusher Jovovich having inexplicable surviving skills, the movie features one non-sense after the other. As for the actors, Mr. Brosnan looks quite constipated as a James Bond-negative while Ms. Jovovich doesn’t seem to know what to do, trying to restrain her Resident Evil fighting talents to adapt to her unbelievable character. I’m not even talking about the title which is reminiscent of a TV show and hairy 80’s band.

more bad movies coming soon … 

Also, please note that based on other critics, Mordecai, Fantastic Four are also in the running.

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